ELIXIR-CONVERGE hackathon to create lesson plans

On Wednesday 29 June, 2022, more than 30 participants combined their efforts to create lesson plans to facilitate trainers on implementing the FAIR Principles in practice.

Photo: https://www.pexels.com/

During a six-hour hackathon, FAIR Office Austria took part among other participants from different countries, organizations, universities and different research fields to build upon the lesson plans (Appendix F) created during the FAIRsFAIR hackathon and published in the “D7.4 How to be FAIR with your data. A teaching and training handbook for higher education institutions”.

Hackathon activities

We started together, broke out in smaller subgroups to divide tasks and started ‘hacking’ a lesson template that helps life sciences research organizations to advance their data stewards’ and researchers’ FAIR skills. The lesson plans included links to already existing materials (information clips, guidelines, etc.) that organizations may implement in their training programs, but also showed the ‘gap’ between material that is already available and material that needs to be developed.

What’s next?

After the hackathon, smaller sub-teams will come together to finish the lesson plans. After summer break, there will be a ‘closing’ hackathon, where the created lesson plans will be presented and briefly discussed and next steps will be agreed on.

All authors will be credited in the final publication.