How to offer FAIR enabling services

The FAIR principles apply to metadata and data. Their implementation requires a set of data services and components that need to be presented in the broader ecosystem. These services themselves need to be discoverable, identifiable, or indexed and follow appropriate standards and protocols that enable interoperability and machine-to-machine communication. Furthermore, it requires a set of skills in data management according to FAIR principles.



Find here the video recording and presentation “FAIRification of data and services” (EOSC Future Provider Days, April 2022).

FAIR Cookbook

The FAIR Cookbook  contains ten recipes for the Life Science domain that provide practical support for researchers, data stewards, trainers, and developers on how to FAIRify data, assess FAIRness, which models, technologies, tools and standards, as well as the required skills to achieve and improve FAIRness. Also interesting for other disciplines!

FAIR Use Cases

Zenodo offers an overview of how the service responds to the FAIR principles.