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The FAIR Principles Explained
Length: 2 Min
Content: FAIR Principles, Difference between FAIR and Open Data, Metadata

Maastricht University (2020).

Martínez-Lavanchy, P.M., Hüser, F.J., Buss, M.C.H., Andersen, J.J., Begtrup, J.W. (2019). ‘FAIR Principles’. In: Holmstrand, K.F., den Boer, S.P.A., Vlachos, E., Martínez-Lavanchy, P.M., Hansen, K.K. (Eds.), Research Data Management (eLearning course). DOI: 10.11581/dtu:00000049

Licence: CC-BY 4.0 Attribution

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Knowledge Clip: FAIR Data Principles
Length: 5 Min
Content: FAIR Principles, Metadata and Documentation, Interoperability, Repositories

Ghent University Data Stewards (2020).

Licence: CC-BY 4.0 Attribution

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FAIRe Daten – Vom Märchen zur Wahrheit – German
Length: 18 Min
Content: FAIR Data, Data Management Plans, Use of FAIR Data, Tips for Data Management

University of Konstanz. Dreher, L. und Lang, I. (2020).

Licence: CC-BY 4.0 Attribution

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Make Your Research Data F.A.I.R.
Dauer: 6 Min
Inhalte: FAIR Principles, Assessing the FAIRness of Data, Repositories

CESSDA Training (2020)

Licence: CC-BY-SA, Attribution-ShareAlike

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Personal Health Train
Length: 3 Min
Content: Application of FAIR principles, FAIR Data Stations, Data Visiting

The Personal Health Train Network (2015).

Licence: Standard Youtube Licence

Tools and Training

Complete a free e-Learning course on FAIR (length: 60 minutes).

Test your knowledge of FAIR in a quiz.

Is your data FAIR? Find out with the FAIR self-assessment tool and the FAIR-Aware tool.

Webinar Series

You can also keep up to date through the Research Data Management in Austria webinar series. The webinars are offered regularly by various research institutions in Austria. They cover topics such as how to write a data management plan or the ways to use GitHub/GitLab and other tools for data management. The webinar recordings are available in a collection in the Phaidra repository.

At Your Institution

Many research institutions offer support services and training on FAIR. Find out more about what your institution offers.