GO FAIR is a community that provides practical guidance to support research stakeholders to implement the FAIR principles.

GO FAIR Austria office is a National Support and Coordination Office since June 2021.

GO FAIR Framework

The GO FAIR three-point FAIRification framework provides practical guidance to stakeholders seeking to go FAIR.

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Metadata for Machines workshops (M4M) is to make routine use of machine-actionable metadata in a broad range of fields.

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FAIR Implementation Profiles (FIP) representing the implementation strategies of various communities can be used as the basis to optimize the reuse of existing FAIR-enabling resources and interoperation within and between domains.

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FAIR Data Point (FDP) how (meta)data could be presented on the web using existing standards, and then aims to give anyone the power of putting their own data on the web.

GOFAIR Implementation Networks

The main drivers of GO FAIR are the so-called Implementation Networks (IN): working groups dedicated to defining and creating specific materials and tools as elements of an Internet of FAIR Data and Services (IFDS).

Image: GO FAIR, https://www.go-fair.org/

GO FAIR: How to participate?