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Description: The collection of open educational resources (OER) on the following pages was created by the Training Task Force in 2021 as part of the FAIR Data Austria project (BMBWF, 2020-2022). The collection consists of selected OER enhanced by further information and interactive elements to provide an introduction to the following nine topics. The pages or the individual elements can be reused to create informational and training materials on research data management.

Authors: Christiane Stork, Elena Fürst, Heike Thöricht, Hermann Schranzhofer, Nikos Gänsdorfer, Tereza Kalová, Therese Macher. 
The authors were supported by interns at the Vienna University Library in August 2021: Christine Stridde, Rebecca Ringbauer, Sonja Schillings, Tamara Köstenbach. 

LiaScript: For easy reuse, this collection is also available as LiaScript:

License: CC BY 4.0 unless otherwise stated

Cite the collection as: FAIR Data Austria (2021). Open Educational Resources Research Data Management. Link to website (