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FAIR Office Austria Website Release

The founding of FAIR Office Austria is complete and the website ( is now online.

The FAIR Office Austria serves as an information hub and facilitator of the FAIR principles in different scientific disciplines. To reflect the transdisciplinary and trans-institutional character of this initiative, this FAIR Office is managed and operated by three national universities (TU Graz, TU Wien, University of Vienna) in the core team. At the same time, the FAIR Office Austria will make national potentials visible as a contribution to international efforts (EOSC, GOFAIR, RDA) and form a transnational interface.

As the Office is positioned as an information hub, it will, on the one hand, carry out continuous monitoring of FAIR-related activities at the international level and, on the other hand, with the help of local reference points at the individual institutions, provide assistance and support to researchers and service providers in complying with FAIR principles (e.g. in project proposals and research data plans). The FAIR Office, together with the Reference Points and other local stakeholders, will form a network that will promote the establishment and development of technical infrastructures and services in line with the FAIR principles. This project will also be publicly visible through the dissemination of news and the offer of events.

The FAIR Office Austria has a clear mission statement: We connect stakeholders from research communities and service providers. Together, we help to advance the FAIR principles.