Christoph Moser, PhD Student, TU Graz

I am a university project assistant at the Institute of Thermal Engineering, Graz University of Technology working on my PhD. I am currently working on the integration of thermal energy storage in special heating and cooling supply systems with a variable geometry ejector for buildings using so-called phase change materials.

During my research, a lot of data is generated in the form of time series from simulations and measurements. Some of these data are important to understand results and conclusions. But other data can also be used as a basis for further work. So, it makes sense to share these data as much as possible with all researchers in this field. For this purpose, we are now using the institutional repository invenioRDM at TU Graz. It is also important to have a good description of the data including the boundary conditions under which they were created. For this purpose, a workflow is currently being developed in our working group.