New release of FAIRsharing website

Fairsharing has released a brand-new front and back end for the website, including a number of new functionalities. More features that will be rolled out across this year.

In 2008, FAIRsharing launched as community-driven portal of standards, databases and data policies standards to find the most mature and appropriate resources for FAIRness. FAIRsharing has been operating since 2011, hosted at the University of Oxford, and run by the Data Readiness Group (RDA).


New features

  • New subject browser, as detailed in the FAIRsharing blog, which creates new entry points via subject area for users. Further flexibility in searching and filtering is in the pipeline.
  • FAIRsharing is now an ORCID trusted party, and will utilise this status in the near future.

Tool FAIRassist

Pay attention to the tool FAIRassist – a self-assessment portal that helps understanding what FAIR means, how to make our data FAIR, provenance and why provenance is important to FAIR data. FAIRassist is the new, under development, educational component of the well-established FAIRsharing resource.

Living initiative

Since FAIRsharing is a community-driven initative,

  • You can add new content (Database, Standard or Policy) to FAIRsharing. See here for more information
  • You can register new resources to assess and improve FAIRness in FAIRassist. See here for more information